Giving to St. Teresa's

You can give to St. Teresa's with your time, talent, and treasure. All of these are needed to help St. Teresa's continue to provide services for those in need and a welcoming community for our parishioners.

If you are interested in giving financially, you are of course welcome to place money in the Sunday Collections, or you can use our online giving partner, Give Central!

Give Central lets you set a weekly or monthly tithe. You can give a specific gift for things like Christmas, or Las Posadas and it is all handled automatically.

Giving Financially through Zelle

A one-time or reoccurring donation or payment through Zelle. Please direct your transfer to the email address,

  1. Go to your banking app and click transfer money or quickpay

  2. Click on, send money

  3. Add recipient, St Teresa Parish

  4. Add email,

  5. Enter amount of donation or payment

  6. Add in the memo line how the donation or payment should be applied, an example of this would be, Sunday Offertory or Religious Education.


St. Teresa Church