Thursday, August 27, 2020

Memorial of Saint Monica

During this time of the pandemic, we await a cure, a vaccine, that will allow us to return to some degree of normalcy. But we don’t know when this will happen, much like not knowing when Christ will return. Jesus us asking us in the gospel, “HOW are you waiting? Are you even aware that you are waiting for my return, much like a servant awaiting his master’s return? Are you AWARE of your purpose or are you lost in endless activities and anxious pursuits?” These questions are meant to awaken us, making us more aware that this life is passing away and will be gone. We must be prepared and not caught off guard.

During this time of waiting for a vaccine, HOW are we waiting? Are we overly concerned with staying indoors, completely safe from this virus? Many of us have the luxury of choosing to social distance as we wish. The poor, or those struggling economically, don’t have this luxury. They are waiting for the vaccine by engaging in the world, as safely as possible, out of necessity. Many MUST work.

As we wait, are we AWARE of the inequities that are surfacing as a result of this pandemic? Minorities, people of color, are getting sick in greater numbers and don't have access to proper health care. They also live in situations that make it hard to social distance. And so they keep cleaning, manicuring our property, staff the many stores that serve our everyday needs, maintain our buildings and homes.

Becoming more AWARE means taking nothing for granted, realizing that many people without resources must take risks, potentially compromising their health, to keep food on the table. As we wait, may we become more grateful for the lifestyles we have and do something to help people in need. As we wait, maybe we can use some of the time to pray, to meditate over Scripture, read something to open up our minds a bit.

Is there a reason why you don’t come to Mass, observing all restrictions recommended to keep healthy? There are good reasons not to come to mass; there are also reasons why it might be good to come to mass.

Jesus simply wants us to be wide awake as we wait for whatever, for it’s in the waiting and how we wait, that will determine if we will even recognize Jesus when he comes knocking on the door to our hearts.

Fr. Frank