Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday of the Twenty-fourth Week in Ordinary Time

I walked toward the store's entrance and saw a glorious site: vast rows of bright, orange pumpkins, of various shapes and sizes. It was a grand harvest indeed!!!! Autumn, and it’s many colors, is beginning to evolve. The changing of the seasons is a reminder that life keeps changing and growing as the seed of God’s Word takes root in our hearts. The harvest of the fruits and vegetables mirrors the harvest of humanity, with all its different shapes and bright colors.

But the Word must take root in our hearts if we are to hear fruit and be a part of the great harvest of humanity. God “throws” his seeds of his Word as a farmer sows seed in the depths of the earth. Within our hearts is soil that can receive the seed of God’s Word if it is not preoccupied, fearful, indifferent or superficial. Somehow, the seed will take root when we are ready to allow this heart soil to deepen and be enriched by patience, prayer, letting go, self sacrifice and living God and neighbor through actions more than words.

Seeing all those pumpkins arrayed in such beautiful golden shades inspired me to experience being a part of this magnificent garden of humanity. We truly are in this harvest together and the more we recognize it’s beauty emerging from differences, the more peace will take root. It’s no wonder that autumn is the most popular of seasons. It’s brief stay is but a hint of the glory to be revealed when this harvest of humanity is gathered by Christ in the Season that never ends.

Fr. Frank