Monday, October 26, 2020

Monday of the Thirtieth Week in Ordinary Time

Can you imagine being actually bent over, like the Roman in the gospel, for over 18 years? She lived in pain and discomfort, bent over, having to gaze at the earth, struggling to lift her head and body to look into another’s face. Jesus SAW her pain and instantly healed her, freeing her to stand straight, without pain.

We are all bent over in spirit, unable or unwilling to SEE the pain in other people’s lives. Being bent over in spirit is the most common way of sinning, refusing to acknowledge the pain and suffering around us. In short, we live in a self enclosed bubble or cocoon, creating a life of self absorption. It seems so comforting, living in our own little worlds, divorced from those struggling to survive as they endure injustice.

To be healed means to be sorry for our self centeredness, allowing God's mercy to flood our hearts, which moves the bent spirit upward... we SEE life from a whole new vantage point. And we want to do something to help those who are “bent” down due to illness, loneliness, exclusion, injustice.

In being healed and forgiven means we must leave our comfortable worlds to do whatever we can to LIFT another person’s spirit and even body. Lifting is RISING... RESURRECTION... new life!!!!

Fr. Frank