Monday, February 08, 2021

Monday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary Time

One of the ways I am dealing with the difficult effects of this pandemic is to bake, make bread, get a huge pot of fresh chicken soup going. Somehow, being CREATIVE, in whatever ways I can, is one answer to the loneliness and feelings of separation. When I create, even if it means changing my room around or adding some lights, I become more connected with sources of energy, GRACE, running deep within my faltering spirit.

God created the heavens and the earth, and after each “day” of creation, God looked at what He created and said, “It is good.” The pinnacle of God’s Creation is humanity: woman, man, humanity, the human race, a kaleidoscope of many colors and cultures. Being creative in the smallest of ways is good for us who were created by God in God's image and likeness. At the heart of our God is to be CREATIVE, coming out of one’s self and bringing into existence something that wasn’t there before. A simple loaf of baked bread will do.

Do something, anything or activity that engages you, allowing your creativity to emerge: caring for the home, cooking, indoor gardening in winter, decorating, learning a language, reading a book that stretches your viewpoint, praying (the most creative activity of all), discovering new routes to walk, writing, explicitly forgiving someone.

Jesus was the most creative person to walk this earth: he created by RE-creating in his countless healings, exorcisms, and forgiving. The whole passion, death and Resurrection of Christ is all about RE-creating the human race, and all of creation, restoring creation to a paradise that ever ends. At the heart of the new, recreated world, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil will be forever transformed into the Tree of Life, the Cross. At the heart of every creative act is the Cross and Resurrection: we die just a little bit to ourselves only to rise in spirit. Lent leads to Easter.

Fr. Frank