Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Tuesday in the Octave of Easter

The ability to remember people’s name is a gift beyond telling, one most of us don’t have. To be called by your name means the person speaking to you remembers your name, giving voice to your humanity and dignity. Jesus encounters Mary Magdalene after He rose from the dead. Once he says, “Mary,” everything falls into place; she then recognizes Jesus and calls him, “Raboni,” the teacher. What a beautiful Easter encounter, as Mary began the process of being transformed by the Risen Lord, which was set in motion by Jesus calling her name. He remembered!!!

God is calling each one of YOU by name, to rise in spirit out of that which limits your freedom to be the person you were created to become. The Risen Lord gives us the power to overcome all obstacles on our journey into his kingdom. The waters of baptism are waiting to be “stirred” into action, which is what happens when we listen to the Lord calling our name.

Remembering names is at the heart of all ministry and evangelization. It means we are cared about, that we mean something. Wearing our name tags is a great start in helping us who don’t have that gift to call a person by their name, as we encounter them before Mass, giving Holy Communion, after Mass. The more we see the name, the easier it is to remember.

May we return to mass wanting to learn each other’s name. What a gift we give to the other, a gift returned when someone calls us by name. At the heart of the Easter mystery is Christ calling us BY NAME to lead a life risen in love.

Blessed Easter Day!
Fr. Frank