Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter

The Saul who witnessed the killing of Stephen and approved of this violence, became the Saint we know as Paul, who wrote the many letters that comprise our New Testament. Yes, we can change and we can change in the most dramatic of fashions. Saul despised Christians and the teaching of Christ, initially, but something happened deep within his being that totally transformed his entire life. Paul became a saint who gave his life for Christ.

We CAN change! So many people who have gone before us have given witness to this reality, most in gradual moments of conversion. Paul simply surrendered his life, his mindset, his vision, his faith to the Spirit Who made his transformation possible. Yes, we CAN change and become vibrant disciples of Christ: as moms, dads, single people, business leaders, teachers, service workers, positions of maintenance, doctors, lawyers, social workers, priests, politicians... the list is endless.

But we must surrender to the transformation which will cost us in so many ways. New relationships must be forged and existing relationships ended; marriages need to be worked on; career advancements must be let go of; personal time and freedom must be sacrificed for the child, the neighbor in need, a ministry. Our entire lives and relationships must be reconfigured so that Christ is at the center and everything flows from Him.

As bread and wine are transformed into Body and Blood, we must be transformed into what we eat at the Eucharist. Christ!!!!

Fr. Frank