Monday, May 17, 2021

Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Christ makes it abundantly clear in today’s gospel: we are going to experience troubles in the world because of our faith. He even says in another place that we will be hated because of how we live and love. Living the Way of the gospel and Beatitudes will never be easy for us because this way of living runs so counter to the values and comforts of the culture in which we live.

Each day brings challenges to gospel living, which means we have to freely choose to be uncomfortable with the constant messages that bombard us daily, that tell us to keep buying, don’t rock the boat of indifference, take care of “number one.” Jesus never promised life would be easy if we follow Him, quite the contrary. He calls us to deny ourselves and take up our crosses...daily!!!

Then why embark on this journey of gospel living? Just keep living the way of the culture by making your life as comfortable and free of any kind of interior discipline. Keep living for yourself, push away the sufferings and injustices that plague the world of the vast majority of people on this planet. See where this leads you. It will always lead to emptiness and loneliness.

Live the Way of Jesus and His gospel, I guarantee the outcome will be strikingly different.

Fr. Frank