Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tuesday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

How hard it is to live the unlovable, especially the one we call our “enemy.” Hatred and violence between enemies is as old as original sin. We all have had individuals in our lives, even within our own families, who end up being the “enemy” for one reason or another: being a favored sibling, jealousy over the other’s better looks or gifted intelligence, a horrible argument invoking insults.

Jesus teaches us to simply LOVE the one we call “enemy,” especially since God loved that very person!!! I believe this is the most difficult of all of Jesus’ teachings. How do you love someone who hates you or has done something terrible to you? Or someone who has hurt your reputation?

Loving doesn’t mean liking but respecting that person’s dignity as God given. Loving one’s enemy is actually a gift of Grace given to us by God, who makes what seems impossible....possible. It takes prayer and a deep desire to let that Grace change how we experience the enemy, transforming that human being into a brother or sister.

Who is your enemy, who is the one you really have a hard time even being around, for whatever reason? Allow the impossible to happen, with God’s help.

Fr. Frank