Friday, October 21, 2022

From Fr. Frank

I had dinner last night with some dear friends from St. Eulalia's. What a great evening of conversation and catching up. Naturally, we talked about the many problems in the world and in our church. We were "reading the signs of the times" a way of seeing life that Jesus commends in the gospel. But HOW do we read the signs of the times and what might we NOT be seeing? A very important question, since Jesus is urging us, begging us, to read the signs of the times through gospel eyes rooted in the beatitudes.

There is much more goodness and beauty buried underneath the many problems plaguing our world and lives. We have much to be worried about, particularly if one has children or grandchildren, we wonder what kind of world these children grow up in. We must not bury our heads in the sand. We are called to face and name the many injustices we see.

But around the table last night, the warmth of friendship and the experience of love is what I remember. As I "read the signs of the times", my vision must become wider, focusing more on these moments of transformation...being transformed by love. We must SEE the darkness and injustice, but we must also SEE the many "signs" of goodness that are there, waiting to be acknowledged.

Peace. Joy.