Wednesday, October 26, 2022

From Fr Frank

Jesus teaches that if our faith is as tiny as the tiniest of seeds, the mustard seed, we can move mountains and uproot ancient trees. Any small encounter with a beautiful human being can move the mountain of cynicism and uproot the tree of apathy.

I lease my car. I paid the $1,000 down payment back in February to secure a future Corolla. It would take at least four months to get that car due to the “chip” problem. It came in at end of June but I couldn’t get the car due to my being away. The $1,000 lost!!!

Not so, not so. A woman in the finance department told me not to worry. She would take care of everything. And indeed she did. I got her call last month and the Corolla came in, and my down payment would be honored! When I went to pick up the car, she made certain I got the top of the line Corolla, no increase in my low monthly payments!!

A tiny seed….

A gentlemen working at the Currency Exchange down Armitage helped me with straitening out a confusion regarding the renewal of my license plate. The documentation was all messed up. This person told me to not worry since he wound fix whatever was the issue. He took the time on the computer and worked his magic. The problem of this leased car was finally settled because a person took the time to help me out so I wouldn’t have to go downtown.

A tiny seed….

TWO seeds….two wonderful human beings. Mountains moved. Trees uprooted. Hope born.