Friday, October 28, 2022

St Jude

At times, life can seem to be so difficult, and even painful, to the point when we seem to lose resolve and hope. To experience setback after setback, plans that never seem to materialize, battling a chronic illness like depression or anxiety, to simply feel as if one's life lacks any purpose... we can feel desperate or hopeless.

Enter ST. JUDE, patron of hopeless or desperate situations. I was blessed to have a mom who raised me to love St. Jude and pray to him. I don't think she necessarily saw me as a desperate case, but she intuitively knew would be times when life gets to feel like that. I have several images of St. Jude to remind me of his healing intercession, opening my hardened heart to let HOPE flood its inner recesses and deep caverns, surrendering to a Presence of love. 

Today is the Feast of Jude, a patron and companion much needed in these times of extreme uncertainty and anxiety. Turn to Jude, one of the Twelve Apostles, who is a wonderful and faithful friend when you are at your wits end. He will guide you into hope, leading you on a differnt path that leads to Christ.