Friday, November 25, 2022

From Fr. Frank

Jesus reminds  us of a painful truth in today’s gospel: everything we love and hold dear will pass away. Everything and everyone, including ourselves is passing away. What a sobering truth, but Christ adds one thing at the end of the reading that can anchor us in hope: “my word will NEVER pass away.”

Christ’s word is his promise that he came to bring life, that we will share in his life after we die, that our lives will experience death, which opens the door to a new, everlasting life. Even death will pass away, but not the Promise. We are heirs to that promise.

Advent is now upon us, the season that awakens us out of complacency and taking life for granted. We are all here for a very short time. Let the Grace of God fill you and guide you through a life long journey of letting go when it is called for, allowing the sadness to be transformed, as new doors always open up.