Thursday, December 01, 2022


I love to travel but it can be quite challenging given the many obstacles to getting on a plane snd entering a foreign country. I truly understand the need for security and the for protective measures to be practiced diligently. But sometimes it breaks one’s resolve. Seeing guards carrying machine guns doesn’t help.  I should feel more secure with their presence but I don’t.

I entered this huge airport coming home, a comforting thought: home!! It’s very early and I stand in the middle of one ominous terminal trying to get some directions. I’m  not the greatest at foreign languages but I do try. I found my way to clearing my passport, then the trek to and through security. And finally, the gate…. I couldn’t find the gate for the signs were confusing. The airport workers were not too eager to help in anyway whatsoever.

I found the gate, waiting for ages to get on the plane since I’m in economy and have the last number to board. I get to the point where I can actually board but am told I have to have  boarding passes stamped and my passport checked again. My patience was gone.

I am thinking about this experience since I just got home and am praying the Mass in gratitude. And what is the verse that jumped out at me: “Open up the GATES to let the just people in.” Wow!!  Our church or parish can’t give people the experience I had at the airport: setting up endless check points before you are admitted. Not being kind when people are lost. Getting frustrated when they don’t speak your language, and I’m talking about religious language, not foreign language. Looking down at the “foreigner,” an experience I had on numerous  occasions.

May the  Church be a  place in which gates are opened and borders are crossed, without a passport!!