Saturday, December 03, 2022

From Fr. Frank

Did you ever feel as though your life was going nowhere? Sometimes, a feeling of emptiness and simply being unable to move in any direction, pervades the very center of our being. This deeply human experience is a reality we all must face, one way or another. Yes, we can respond by chaotically moving in and out of relationships, jobs, interests and hobbies. Lacking an inner anchor and rudder of direction, we simply run away from the void within.
Outer distractions become the way to not face this inner reality.

Social media and the endless hours on our I Phones, surfing through the web, shopping on Amazon, answering emails and texts only heighten the alienation. Jesus sends out the disciples to help the lost  ones face this inner sense of meaninglessness. He sends them in a mission of healing, to open the hearts of those who have lost their sense of meaning.

Jesus “moves” from town to town, but his movements have  purpose and are rooted in His relationship with the Father. But even Jesus knows what it is like to feel empty and immobile, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” It’s just a part of our human condition that is at the foundation of the gospel imperative. Only when Jesus surrenders to this painful experience, can the Father reach out to lift him in resurrection.

As disciples on a mission we are all being called to recognize and face the truth of just exactly this feeling of near helplessness and desperation. We can’t be go out into the world to live the gospel if we are stuck in this void. Perhaps, that is precisely the reason so many people no longer practice or live their Catholic faith. It doesn’t mean anything, anymore. NOW is the moment of Christ’s Advent.

Once we acknowledge and face this not so pleasant truth, God’s grace will open our inner sense of hearing and we will “hear” the Voice, emerging from
the void, pointing us in a direction. The compass begins to register, hope  increases, and we can move, not senselessly, but with purpose.