Friday, February 24, 2023

Fr. Father Frank

Today’s First Reading from Isaiah expands how we see the discipline of fasting. The prophet makes it crystal clear that the fasting that truly pleases God is when we shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, release those unjustly bound in prison, clothing the naked, helping the oppressed. These actions are identified as “fasting.”
-May we fast from having too many possessions.
-May we fast from self righteousness.
-May we fast from isolating ourselves from those
  who suffer injustice.
-May we fast from closing our eyes to those in
-May we fast from self preoccupation.

The above fasts are much more challenging to how we are living our lives than any bodily penance. Giving up things for Lent can be powerful and heart changing if they lead us into action, any action, that reaches out to the other.