Friday, March 10, 2023

From Fr. Frank

God  gives each one of us certain gifts that help us determine how we are to live our lives. But first we must recognize our unique gifts, be filled with gratitude, and then use them to help others. How many of us go through life not even recognizing gifts given to us by God and  they are sadly never given the ability to be expressed.

ALL is given to us to be received in gratitude:  our very lives, our gifts and talents, our relationships, our financial resources, our beautiful earth….EVERYTHING!!! We “own” nothing; we “receive” everything. In the readings today, the brothers of Joseph and some of the religious leaders in the time of Jesus, were jealous of anyone’s gifts that threatened their identity or challenged how they saw God.

We get into do much trouble when we compare ourselves to others, especially those who are successful, are admired or seem to have a life of meaning and purpose. Perhaps it is because we oblivious to our own gifts; perhaps we just want to have it all and are jealous of anyone who is a threat to our inner insecurity.

Some of the leaders and people rejected Jesus, who is the “stone rejected by the builders” that has become the cornerstone. Lack of awareness of our inner gifts, jealousy of others, cause us to reject the very foundation of our lives. And so we try to cling and control, rather than receive and be grateful.
Mary, “receiving” the Body of her Son, wrapping him in the folds of her garment. The “stone rejected by the builders” surrenders Himself to death, rising to recreate and restore the heavens and the earth.