Thursday, March 23, 2023

From Fr. Frank

The Bible is the mist dangerous book in the world. This includes any religious text that is revered by a people as being the word of God. People can, and do, bend the meaning and message of the Bible to suit their ideology or political convictions. Some of the leaders used the scriptures to condemn Jesus and His message because they were blinded by their need to control the message.

Christians have used and quoted various verses from the Bible, including the gospels, to support the racism eating away  at their hearts. Christians quote verses to spread their hatred of gay people, to demean people of other religions, to dominate women as being inferior to men or husband. In short, to elevate their own superiority as possessors of the truth who have God enclosed in a box.

Jesus shattered the box!! Jesus freed God from narrow prescriptions. and interpretations of the law. Some of the leaders believed they had the authority to determine how the law and scriptures were to be lived out. Jesus spoke out of His own authority that was ROOTED in His relationship with the Father. The most damming and strident words of Jesus to people who manipulate scriptures  occurred in today’s gospel: “You do not have the love of God in you.” The authority of these religious leaders was ROOTED in their ego, not the love of God.

Please be very suspicious of anyone who quotes scriptures and gospel to gate people. Even the devil knew the scriptures backward and forward!!!